To inaugurate its new premises and production site, TCN opened its doors on September 20, 2022.

Thank you all, our customers and partners who came in great numbers to discover our new premises, equipment, and the full range of our services.

During coloring workshops, you improvised as chemists and that in joy and good mood: congratulations again!

This day was an opportunity to share with all of you about our coloring processes for all types of plastic material and about our dry barrel polishing process.

You realized the very difference between a cellulose acetate part before polishing and after polishing.

We answered your questions, better understood your needs, and discussed the evolution of the coloring process of Polyamide, PC, PVA, PLA, TPU, polyurethane, acrylic, polycarbonate, PMMA, polyester, epoxy or even ABS, any other plastic and carbon fiber parts.

A few too short friendly and value-added hours, thanks to all of you, around our different expertise’s:

  • Polishing eyeglass frames,
  • Polishing pastes for cellulose acetate,
  • Button polishing,
  • The coloring of organic glasses in CR-39®,
  • The coloring of polycarbonate lenses,
  • Dry polishing of cellulose acetate,
  • Sanding, polishing and shining pastes,
  • The coloring of polyester buttons,
  • The coloring of the fabric: lace, ribbon

With each one of you, we had rich and fruitful exchanges, and we thank you for that!

Illustration & Design by Helena Pallarés
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