Specific dyes

For organic lenses

For aesthetical reasons or to realize solar lenses, a lot of lenses are tinted.
Our products allow to prepare dyeing bath, which heated, will bring you a fast, stable and uniform coloration.

They are formulated from carefully selected synthetic dyes, chosen for their dyeing ability and their ability to pass the rigorous tests required by ophthalmic standards.

Our dyeing powders, TCN’s flagship products, are suitable for dyeing CR-39® organic glasses.

Auxiliaries necessary for the process complete our range:

– Fluid transfer for heating equipment

– Accelerator for dipping high index lenses

– Discolorant

– Anti-UV treatment

The range includes 30 basic tones, which can be mixed together for custom,  full or gradient shades.

The needs of opticians, surfacing laboratories and glass manufacturers are different, that’s why we adapt the packaging of our products to your activity: the dyeing powders are available in individual water-soluble bags of 10g, in box of 500g, in pails of 5 and 10 kg or more.

CRX dyeing powders

Material: CR-39® and hi-index (1.60 – 1.67) organic lenses and coated lenses.

Technical datasheet

PCL4 liquid dyes

Material: Bear Polycarbonate.

Technical datasheet

PAL liquid dyes

Material: BearPolyamide.

Technical datasheet

We enable our customers to significantly reduce the quantity of their effluents as well as the overall cost of their process, by pre-treating their waste water.

Our coagulant is intended for the physico-chemical treatment of industrial wastewater or its reuse. It causes the agglomeration in the form of flocs that will be easily filtered. It has an excellent performance on solutions containing CRX dyes.

TCN brings its expertise and specific technical solutions.

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