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Barrel polishing is a dry treatment process that provides a mirror-polished finish to many parts of plastic and natural materials (mother-of-pearl, horn…).

The process consists of placing the bulk polishing parts in rotating barrels which contain small wooden sticks pre-coated with abrasive paste.

This technology, particularly beneficial, is mainly used by the button industry of polyester, mother-of-pearl, corozo, by users of cellulose acetate (hairstyle ornaments, pawns, hand-made eyeglass frames…), manufacturers of high-end costume jewellery as well as  by manufacturers of horn knife handles.

We manufacture and offer a range of polishing pastes of various sizes for a complete process: grinding, smoothing, polishing and brightening.

Several successive polishing steps with the appropriate polishing paste allow to eliminate the surface defects of the parts (jointing surfaces, scratches,…) in order to obtain satin or glossy finishes.

The choice of size, shape, quality of the pegs and the abrasiveness of the pastes is an essential element to a good final result.

Discover our full polishing process with the new eco-friendly pastes:

Polishing process with new eco-friendly pastes brochure

Wooden pegs brochure

Manufactured in our workshops and packaged in metal pails of 5 or 20 kgs, they allow a supply adapted to specific requests.

We supply all the products necessary for the process:

– polishing pastes: for deburring, sanding, polishing, and brightening.

– wooden pegs: square or rhombus, size 6 to 15 and nylon sticks.

– process oils: in addition to pastes or for the removal of dust.

– preparation of pastes for sticks.

– detergents: for the removal of oils and grease from the surface of polished parts.

– brightener in a paste or liquid form based on self-shining vegetable waxes for a perfect finish on all types of materials.

In addition, we also manufacture and distribute polishing bars for manual use with a cotton or flannel wheel.

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Polishing bars references by decreasing abrasiveness:

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