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Among the many sites in the group, TCN
worked for an innovative project with Saint- Gobain Sully and the Business Unit High Technologies specialized, among other things, in polymers.

TCN met with Julien Bretin, buyer at Saint- Gobain to collect his testimonial about this cooperation.

“Following different tests, several processes have not been successful. It was finally with the TCN dye that we managed to control the colouring process.”


With regard to the colouring of organic glasses, Julien Bretin explains: “We wanted to stand out and offer a feature that allows gradually to master the intensity of light through the PMMA.
No existing solution on the market responded to the issue of our binding specification”.

“There are already dyes that exist on the market, but they are not stable over time.”


“TCN liquid dyes allow to color polymers by keeping their transparency and perfectly controlling the opacity degree.
TCN’s expertise makes it possible to industrialize such a process while respecting a requirement for specifications.

We have demonstrated through internal ageing tests (about 2000 hours), the efficiency in obtaining a stable and resistant UV product over time,” says Julien Bretin.


“ There is a real benefit for the end user’s comfort. Indeed, this transparent product allows light to pass, while attenuating it in some configuration .”

« We would like to offer this feature to other existing programs.»

Julien Bretin, Saint Gobain Sully

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