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Additive manufacturing is a technology already adopted in numerous sectors, each with different needs and restrictions.

Firstly considered as a prototyping technology, and despite an often limited choice of shades, it is gaining extensive use through the automatization of its process and by the large choice of materials.

TCN offers dyeing products for plastic materials used in traditional processes or for thermoplastics used in 3D printing.

Our GTC liquid dyes easily allow to bring  color to your parts.

In concentrated liquid form, our GTC liquid dyes are suitable to easily color, by dipping, most materials in a few minutes: ABS, Polyamide, PC, PVA, PLA, TPU.

Parts made of grey polyamide (Multi Jet Fusion process) can be colored thanks to several shades of our GTC brand and according to the following color chart:

MJF Color chart

Our ELD25 equipment is an open bath circulator of 25L specifically adapted to our products. It allows to obtain final shades without defects and to customize them as well.

Space saving, it finds its place easily in your workshops directly in post-manufacturing.

3D printing example and color chart pict

3D printing example and packaging pict

3D printing black pieces pict

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