Epoxy resins

Resine RD3 Technical datasheet

Resine RD8 Technical datasheet 

We formulate Epoxy casting resins for industrial decorative applications.
Bi-component, solvent-free, they are particularly suitable for cold enamelling and for the realization of high-end articles.
To meet the growing demand of our customers, we have just developed a new generation of Epoxy resins, without any trace of bisphenol A.
Transparent, our Epoxy resins are generally used in eyewear for inclusion of metal logos on cellulose acetate eyeglass frames.
Colored, they allow to dress up creations such as resin jewellery, watches, luxury buttons, key rings, etc….

We offer a range of pigments and transparent dyes to incorporate with epoxy resins in order to achieve a wide range of shades.

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