A story of colors

Historical pict of workers in the frame glasses industryTCN was born in 1963 following the encounter between a passionate chemist and a craftsman from Oyonnax in the Auvergne-Rhônes-Alpes region of France.

This close collaboration led to the development of a new chemical coloring process for eyeglass frames.

Acclaimed by local users of cellulose acetate, this groundbreaking process quickly became popular among manufacturers of hairdressing ornaments, costume jewellery and tokens.

Many other business sectors such as art, advertising and even additive manufacturing have since appropriated this coloration technique.

A colorful world

With the generalization of plastic materials, our dyeing products have evolved in order to respond to industries that exploit other thermoplastic materials. For instance, this process of coloration can be found on polyester buttons, polyamide spectacle frames, organic sun lenses and resin technical parts.

Due to increasing demand from the additive manufacturing industry, our team has invested in formulation for rapid prototyping from 3D printing.

We propose adapted products to industries for whom color is essential to the technical or aesthetic aspect of the item. With our strong expertise, our laboratory is able to support its customers in the realization of their project.

Our ambition is to continue the development of our know-how in new areas of application. Our commitment to quality and innovation is well known by our customers around the world.

Distribution of TCN’s products in the  world

We prepare our products in our workshops and ship orders according to customers’ needs. Less stringent shipping regulations allow us to deliver in the shortest time, everywhere in the world.

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