Dyes for plastic materials

TCN offers dyeing products for coloration of plastic materials used in traditional processes and for thermoplastics of 3D printing.

Our products offer an easy-to-use process that is suitable for many fields of applications: a brief dipping for a few minutes is sufficient.

Technical parts, luxury items, functional objects, advertising creations are colored without any alteration of their properties, regardless of their shape.

The process is beneficial whether they are single pieces or pre-series and avoids the defects usually generated after the application of a paint (oversize, dust, peeling, ….).

The range contains about thirty basic colors, all mixed together for the possible realization of a wide range of shades (hueing).

GTC concentrated dyes are used at high temperatures, they are suitable for the large majority of plastic materials: ABS, Polyamide, Polyester, Polycarbonate, Acrylic, Carbon fiber, PVA, PLA, TPU, and meet most industrial requirements.

GTC Technical datasheet  Carbon Fiber Color chart

In addition, GTD concentrated dyes, fulfil the  specific needs of polyamide parts from 3D printing.

GTD Technical datasheet

We are happy to share with you our technology and our skills, and stay available for any further information.

Our concentrated dyes do not present any specific risks for the user and comply with European quality requirements.

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