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The ISO 12312-1:2022 solar standard, which governs the requirements for sun protection filters, has been updated. The aim of this development is to reinforce the safety and reliability of products designed to protect against the sun’s harmful rays, thus ensuring better protection for the eyes.

Main changes to ISO 12312-1:2022

Changes to this standard include several significant additions and adjustments to improve the effectiveness of sunscreens. These include

  • The addition of a specification for electro-optical filters, enabling better adaptation to different lighting conditions.
  • The replacement of the old terminology “localized power variations” by “spatial deviation”, aimed at clarifying compliance criteria and facilitating product evaluation.
  • The introduction of photochromic lens activation at specific temperatures, providing a better understanding of lens performance as a function of environmental conditions.
  • The extension of side protection for children’s sunglasses frames, reinforcing the safety of the youngest wearers against harmful solar radiation.

These changes are designed to meet the growing need for eye safety and guarantee optimum protection for users, whatever their environment.

Our CRX 5502P UV protection: 100% UV cutoff from category 0 to category 4

At TCN, we’re committed to offering quality products that meet the highest standards in sun protection. In addition to our commitment to quality, we offer a full range of colorants and other products specifically for organic lenses.

With our vast choice of 30 base colors, which can be mixed together to create customized solid or gradient tints, our coloring powders are perfect for coloring CR-39® organic glass. They are designed to prepare tinting baths, which, once heated, guarantee fast, stable and uniform tinting. We also offer a full range of tinting auxiliaries and additives to complete the process. These include transfer fluids for heating equipment, gas pedals for high-index lens tinting, decolorizers and anti-UV treatments.

As far as UV protection is concerned, our flagship product, CRX 5502P UV protection, offers complete UV protection for lenses thanks to its dip application. Complying with the requirements of ISO 12312-1:2022, this UV protection guarantees reliable protection that meets the most stringent standards.

So you can rest assured that your tinted sun lenses meet all the essential health and safety regulatory requirements associated with this development.

Features of anti-UV 5502P

Anti-UV 5502P provides precise filtration of ultraviolet rays in the 350-400 nanometer frequency band, offering optimum protection against harmful solar radiation. Its simple, effective use guarantees consistent application and long-lasting protection for your CR39® lenses. Our 5502P UV protection ensures reliable, constant protection, even in the most extreme conditions.


Assistance and support

In the face of these changes, our team of chemical engineers is at your disposal to answer all your questions and support you in this transition to the new standard. Whether you’re an ophthalmic laboratory looking for high-performance solutions for your customers, or an eyewear designer looking for quality solutions to recommend to your suppliers, we’re here to provide you with the necessary information and help you choose the products that best suit your needs.
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