Welcome to Lorine, our new colleague based in New York!

Dynamic and willing , Lorine joined us a few weeks ago.
Her main mission is to present our dip coloring process to the American 3D printing industry.
To do so, she went to the Amug Conference in Chicago, and will be present at the TCT Chicago in early May.
Lorine has already achieved several successes because our coloration process for all types of polymers has multiple advantages.

Indeed, TCN has been at the forefront of plastics coloring and polishing since 1963.

Its team offers a quick and easy-to-use coloring process based on dye baths which, when heated, allow for a fast, stable, and uniform coloration. TCN proposes a scalable platform compatible with all technologies: MJF from HP, SLS, SLA, FDM…
Our French company controls its entire value chain starting from its own laboratory and engineering team in R&D and ending with bespoke customer support, quality control and worldwide shipping to more than 50 countries!
TCN is aimed at industries for whom color is essential to the technical or aesthetic aspect of the item. Key players in various sectors have adopted TCN’s process to color their 3D printing parts, including companies in the automotive, aeronautics, aerospace, medical, and sports sectors, to list but a few. Our solution is also aimed at 3D printing offices.

According to Valérie Weil, CEO, TCN:

“We have been making the world more colorful for 60 years. Our clients use the products we manufacture in post processing, to make any polymers colorful. It’s an impressively easy and fast process that takes less than 10 min- and it’s both low-cost and high-impact. We work with major key players and SME worldwide.”

Our French chemical company offers a comprehensive solution designed specifically for additive manufacturing.
According to the customer testimonials on its website,  TCN is the easiest and most accessible solution that offers the highest quality rendering. The solution allows for:

  • An easy and rapid plastic print dyeing process without any shape altering or distortion. The colorant penetrates everywhere thanks to its application process and its liquid format. This is the opposite of a manual spray application.
  • A long-lasting solution that is resistant to time and environmental factors; it is resistant to skin contact, UV exposure and sweat.
  • A scalable cross-platform solution compatible with all technologies (MJF, SLS, SLA…) The TCN process uses dye solutions that are compatible with many systems allowing them to dye all types of plastic according to customer requests.
  • A time-saving and cost-cutting process that uses an easy-to-access solution, without machines:  mass treatment does not require significant investment in bulky equipment

Due to the growing demand from the additive manufacturing industry, TCN has invested in R&D. Its team of chemical engineers has developed specific formulas for rapid prototyping and 3D printing.
Since 2022, TCN has adopted a future-oriented vision exemplified by their new  Headquarters; they  aim to implement a sustainable development policy and minimize their consumption moving forward.

For a demonstration of the technology, click here! https://www.techniques-chimiques-nouvelles.com/en/equipment/
To read TCN’s case studies, click here! https://www.techniques-chimiques-nouvelles.com/en/case-studies-en/

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