TCN has developed for 3D Printing professionals a dyeing equipment “EASY LAB DYEING EQUIPMENT” (ELD25) adapted to our GTC liquid dyes.

“EASY LAB DYEING EQUIPMENT” (ELD25) allows you to realize by yourself the coloration by dipping, of your 3D printed parts.

Benefits :

– A simple and easy to use process: EASY LAB DYEING EQUIPMENT (ELD25) has been specially designed to adapt to small series.

– Rapid prototyping : it allows you to realize your colors in optimal conditions.

– EASY LAB DYEING EQUIPMENT (ELD25) allows you to realize a wide range of colors, with customized shades.

– Suitable for daily coloring, you will be able to color one or more items.

TCN offers an additional comprehensive service, do not hesitate to contact us for any information.

Illustration & Design by Helena Pallarés
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