Polishing in barrels

This dry barreling process consists of enclosing pieces to be polished in rotating barrels which contain small sticks of wood coated with an abrasive paste. TCN has been manufacturing polishing pastes since 1963 and has made this process our specialty.

We produce and develop a range of polishing pastes of different particle size for a complete process.

Two or three stages of polishing with an appropriate polishing paste help eliminate surface defects (parting lines, scratches,etc) to obtain satin or glossy finishes.

We provide all the complementary products (wood pegs, detergents, oils, etc) for the successful completion of the work.

Our products, manufactured in our workshops, provide a supply adapted to specific requests. Without an intermediary, we are able to offer quality products at short notice.

Manual polishing

We produce and also distribute polishing bars for manual use on cotton or flannel wheels.

Our bars are particularly suited to the needs of jewelers and opticians. They allow a perfect finish on metals and equally a perfect polishing of plastics, particularly cellulose acetate.