Photo chimiste

Do you need a specific color that is not part of our standard range ?
We formulate and produce for you specific colors.
From a Pantone® or RAL® reference of your choice, we develop your color.

TCN's packaging pict

We offer different sizes of packaging to best meet your needs and requirements.

Photo conseils TCN

We support you through every step of your project. While taking into account your constraints, we carry out custom tests for your materials.

Our products are available EXW (ICC2020) Incoterms, from our warehouse. However, we can ship your orders through transport service providers or as per your instructions.

We manufacture, ship and store our products in our workshop.
Our optimal stock of products ensure the flexibility and punctuality of our delivery times.

Photo du nuancier

Color charts of our universal GTC liquid dyes made on PA12 SLS and PA12 MJF pieces give a precise idea of the realistic standard color display.

Photo Spectrocolorimètre

To guarantee ever more performance to our customers and partners, TCN is equipped with a spectrocolorimetric device to ensure:
The L*a*b color measurement of a tinted piece, in reflection and transmission, under different illuminants. Reproducibility and conformity of each batch of dyes. Precise color matching of specific shades.

Photo Test Vieillissement lampe xénon

Our xenon lamp equipment allows to simulate aging tests and know the UV resistance of our dyes.
Our customers can ensure the behavior of their colorful pieces and the change in properties of their materials by solar radiation in a short time.

Photo réglementation

Our products comply with current regulations and environmental labels.
We advise you in the choice of our products and their respective applications to obtain your requirements.

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