A color with many symbols, bright red is in the spotlight at TCN this summer.

In China, red is synonymous with happiness, luck and success.
With the launch of this new bright red collection, TCN wishes its partners and customers all the best!

Requiring several weeks of research and development in our own laboratory, TCN’s bright red collection is aimed at all industries that need to dye their plastic parts:

  • If you are a manufacturer looking to tint cellulose acetate spectacle frames, the new red 9014 from the TACC range will give your frames and spectacle temples an incomparable tone.
    The liquid colorants in the TACC range easily tint cellulose acetate items at room temperature. 

    Users can then achieve an infinite number of shades, offer their own collections and personalize their handmade items.
    TACC liquid colorants offer a wide range of colors for both single-color and gradient creations.

    Watch the video demonstration: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=yAapx1g6UGk&ab_channel=TechniquesChimiquesNouvelles

    A little tip: if required, you can add the anti-UV 5502LC additive to improve the lightfastness of the cellulose acetate parts to be colored.

  • If you manufacture polyester buttons and need to color them, the new red in the GMP LV2 range will tint your polyester or recycled polyester buttons, as well as polyurethane, acrylic or PMMA buttons, with beautiful depth…The GMP range of colorants is specially designed for button professionals.
    It meets the dyeing requirements of plastic garments and fashion accessories, particularly in the luxury goods industry.
    The combination of colors makes it possible to achieve bright, vibrant colors.
    The results are long-lasting, resistant and uniform.

    Watch the video demonstration: https://www.techniques-chimiques-nouvelles.com/en/garment-accessories/

  • If you manufacture plastic parts by machining: to dye them, the bright red of the GTC 9017 range will give your items a bright, unique look. If these need anti-UV protection or will be in contact with the skin, the bright red of the GTD 9015 range is recommended.The GTC and GTD ranges are dip-dyeing products, particularly effective for dyeing plastics in traditional processes.

    Watch the video demonstration: https://www.techniques-chimiques-nouvelles.com/en/equipment/

  • Do you manufacture plastic parts by injection molding and need a solution for coloring them? The bright red GTC 9017 is ideal, unless your parts are intended for outdoor use or will come into contact with the skin. In this case, the new GTD 9015 range of bright reds is the right choice.
  • If you’re creating plastic parts in short runs, whether in plexiglass, polyamide or any other polymer material, the bright red of the GTC or GTD range will give your parts a luminous finish.
  • You print 3D parts. Whatever technology you use – MJF, SLS, SLA/DLP or FDM – you can dye them with bright red GTC 9017 or GTD 9015 for parts that will be used outdoors or come into contact with the skin.If you need an industrial dyeing process to color your additive manufacturing parts, GTC or GTD bright red will dye most polymers in just a few minutes: TPU or polyamide, PA12 or ABS…
  • If you need to color resins, the new red 9018 NANV from our NANV range will provide a bright, transparent result. The solvent-based colorants in the NANV range are in liquid form and specifically designed for tinting resins.

The whole TCN team wishes you a wonderful summer!

Illustration & Design by Helena Pallarés
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