Whether it is for aesthetics or to make solar lenses, a lot of glasses lenses are tinted.

CRX powders are specific coloring powders useful to color coated and CR-39® organic lenses.

Our CRX powders include 26 standard colors that can be mixed with each other. They are available in plastic boxes of 500 g and in metallic pails of 5 kg. Therefore, our packaging is adapted to both industrial productions and small sets.

In order to color your CR-39® lenses, follow the steps of this easy realization process:

  • After heating water at 92°C, add 10 g of CRX powder by liter. Mix the solution then let the coloration bath stabilize for 10 minutes before starting to use the product.
  • When the coloration bath is ready, dip your CR-39® lenses inside for 3 to 15 minutes, according to the color you want to get. The more you will let your organic lenses in the solution, the more their color will be strong.
  • Once that your organic lenses have the shade that you want it to have, take them out of the coloration bath, rinse them immediately with warm water and wipe them.

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CRX powders offer numerous advantages:

  • They are easily soluble in water
  • They guarantee a quick coloration of your lenses
  • The result is smooth and repeatable
  • The containers do not occupy a lot of space to stock
  • It is also possible to obtain an infinity of colors by mixing them with each other

Indeed, you can choose the shade of your choice among 26 standard colors of CRX powders that TCN offers. And if you mix them, you can also create an infinity of shades to color your CR-39® lenses.

The CRX range includes related products too, as the anti-UV treatment, the decolorant, the heating liquid, the detergent, the stripper, the red absorber…

Find the technical datasheet and the demo video here: https://www.techniques-chimiques-nouvelles.com/en/sun-lenses/

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